Territory Information

Territory Profile – Denmark
Overview Economic Indicators ( June 2019 )
denmark-flag Language Danish Inflation0.7%
Population 5.8 Million GDP Growth Rate0.40%
Currency Danish Krones Interest Rate0.05%
Measures Metric Unemployment5.3%
Base VAT 25% Consumer Confidence6.3%
Useful Information
denmark-map Average Age 41.6
Main Religion Christianity
Tourist Numbers 28 Million annual Germany, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands
Largest Cities Copenhagen
Main Airports Københavns Lufthavn
Press Market Overview
Market Indicators Number Top 10 Selling Categories Top 10 Selling Domestic Magazines (copies) Top 10 Selling Imported Magazines (copies)
Number Of Local Magazine Titles 220 TV & Radio Programme 20% Ilustreret Videnskab Auto Bild
Number of local Newspaper titles 15 Motoring 19% Billed Bladet Funk Uhr
Average Cover Price ( Magazine ) 55.00 News 15% Bo Bedre Spiegel
Average Cover Price ( Newspapers ) 25.00 Family Weeklies 13% Familie Journalen Hör Zu
Value Of Domestic Market 160 Million Euro Women’s Interest 12% Se & Hör The Economist
VAT % on Printed Press 25% Home Interest 6% Ude og Hjemme Bild Der Frau
VAT % On Digital Press 25% Crosswords 5% Hjemmet Tv Movie
Newsstand/Subscription Split 50/50 Music 4% Søndag Stern
Number of Imported Titles Available 986 Sport 4% Euroman Neue Post
Sales trend year on year (magazines) 88 History / Science / Nature 3% Anders and Freizeit Revue
Sales trend year on year (Newspaper) 86
Retail Landscape
Retail Type By Market Share Market Share % – Cps sold Key Retailers (list names) Ranging Opportunites (range review and/or pay for space) Promotions(list key ones)
Grocery 43% COOP, Salling Group, Dagrofa, Løvbjerg
Bookstores 1%
Kiosk/independent 20% Nærkøb, Independent Kiosks
Travel 16% Airports, Petol stations, Ferries
Convenience 12% 7-Eleven
Drugstore None
Other 8% Wine & Tobacco, Hospitals, Department stores, Bakeries
Retail Display Examples
The Community
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