Koen Maes

Mediahuis, Belgium
In 2020, I celebrate 28 years in the media sector.  During this time I have held positions across the industry including distribution, circulation, supply chain, logistics, direct and indirect sales, printing, customer service for both B2B  and B2C markets, e-commerce, sales support and export.   During my career I have tried to live and work by the philosophy of “people first”. I am strongly convinced that in order to obtain the best possible results for the customer and the company, it is essential to put the right people in the right job and provide them with all necessary tools to do their job well. One of the most -if not thé most- essential tool is their skills. Therefore, I am exited about and supporting the initiative of the Distripres Training Foundation to provide this online learning platform. It has the potential of contributing largely to the uplifting and sharing of knowledge across the business;   My company Mediahuis, which publishes leading news brands in the Benelux and Ireland, will further expand its business across Europe and abroad, also looking at opportunities in the e-learning sector.